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Fastenings, Security & ID

Cable Ties are ideal for securely fastening REGALTAGS®.

We stock a large variety of Coloured Cable Ties, Stainless Steel Cable Ties and Coated Stainless Steel Cable Ties.

If you need a measure of security, we offer a range of uniquely-numbered Plastic Security Seals that cannot be reused if tampered with. Wire and Lead-Seals are another very successful fastening method. The Crimping Tool can have a small image engraved onto the anvil, which embosses the Lead-Seal.

REGALTAGS® Wire-Locks or Car Seals, available in Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel, are for much stronger requirements. Often used for Lock Out applications, they can be removed using our Wire-Lock Cutters. On cutting, the cable splays out preventing re-use.

We have full in-house facilities for producing customised Credit-Card type Plastic Cards. Our Plastic Cards are often used as Reward Cards, Loyalty Cards, Safety Instruction Cards, or for vital Emergency Contact Details.

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  • CABLE TIES – Nylon, Stainless Steel and Coated

    CABLE TIES – Nylon, Stainless Steel and Coated

  • Wire-Locks & Cutters

    Wire-Locks & Cutters

  • Wire & Lead Seal Crimping

    Wire & Lead Seal Crimping

  • Plastic Security Seals

    Plastic Security Seals

  • Customised Plastic Cards

    Customised Plastic Cards