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Scaffolding & Construction

REGALTAGS® specialize in the manufacture of Tough and weatherproof Signs, Scaffold Tags, Ladder Tags and Scaffold Tower Tags.

Our Scaffold Tag Insert and Holder system consists of a durable and flexible Scaffold Tag Holder, with Tag Inserts to suit. 3-Part Scaffold Tags are an all-in-one concept, tough and durable with no need for a Scaffold Tag Holder.

Many clients use a Single Tag Scaffold Inspection system. A very popular option and normally customised, these Colour-Coded Durable Tags are a quick and effective way of showing Scaffold status.

What about samples of Scaffold Tie Tags, Harness Inspection Tags, or Forklift Tags? Any of these can be customised to your own design, giving far greater impact.

Monitor Hand-Arm vibration with eye-catching HAV Tags, and make sure that you are using our secure and durable Ladder Tags for Inspections that stay attached to the Ladder.

All these products are shown in our Catalogue, so request your copy today.

  • Scaffold Inspection Kits

    Scaffold Tags - Inspection Kits

  • 3 part scaffold inspection kits

    3 part scaffold Tags - inspection kits

  • Harness inspection Tag kits

    Harness Tags - inspection Tag kits

  • Ladder inspection Tag kits

    Ladder Tag - inspection Tag kits

  • Tie tags and signage

    Tie tags and signage