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TUFFXTREME Wallets – developed, tested and proven to outlast alternatives, with long-term cost savings.

These tough wallets will not crack in sub-zero temperatures, and have 3 strong fixing points to ensure that it is held securely in position, even in the harshest weather conditions.

The highly visual Nylon binding increases the strength and durability of these TUFFXTREME Document Wallets, which are stocked in 6 colours.

Keep those important documents safe and dry in these TUFFXTREME Permit Wallets.

Need a customised Wallet? Different Size, Shape or Colour?

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  • Customised Printed Tapes

    Printed chevrons to increase visibility

  • Customised Printed Tapes

    Strong fixing loops at top and bottom

  • Load Warning Tapes & Labels

    Binding around edges
    to increase durability

  • PSI Tapes

    Strong Velcro Flap
    to protect from weather

  • Pipe ID Markers


TUFFXTREME Tag Isolation Wallets

REGALTAGS TUFFXTREME Wallets are a breakthrough in complete Isolation Tag protection.

Developed specifically to withstand harsh environments, these durable Tough Isolation Tag Wallets are weatherproof and waterproof, and will not crack in sub-zero temperatures.

Ask our Team for a sample and quotation.

These TUFFXTREME Wallets can be customised to your own requirements!

  • Load Warning Tapes & Labels

    Solid Brass Eyelets at both ends for secure fastening

  • PSI Tapes

    Grip-seal closer ensures the Tag stays dry and safe

  • Pipe ID Markers

    Designed specifically to protect Thermal Isolation Tags